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Dirty scalp? Clean it up.

Are you going five, six, or even seven days between shampoos? Recent concerns over detergents in shampoos and dryness from over-washing has spurred trends like no-poo shampooing, co-washing, and excessive use of dry shampoos. Going many days without washing and hiding dirty hair in a braid or top knot has become the norm these days, but could you be causing more harm than good?

Unfortunately, stretching your time between shampoos can lead to a dry, itchy, oily, and flaky scalp. Many people start to notice itching and flaking and assume their scalp is dry and they cut back on shampooing. In reality, the oil and dirt build up causes the itching which can lead to an irritated scalp. This also creates an environment on the scalp prime for the growth of dandruff-causing fungus. Cutting back on shampooing only makes things worse. Use a shampoo specifically designed for the health and balance of the scalp to soothe and calm the itching and flaking. And shampoo at least twice a week.

Another issue with infrequent shampooing is the build up of dead skin cells and clogging of pores in the scalp. This can cause hair loss when hair follicles become plugged and new hair is unable to form and push out to the surface. There are hair loss products designed to unclog the follicle and allow the hair to regrow when this becomes the case. Regular washing will help keep the pores clear and prevent hair loss due to blocked follicles.

And the most obvious reason to shampoo more frequently is the odor of an oily scalp as well as the hairline breakouts that result for the lack of washing. You wouldn't ignore the oil and bumps on your face so you shouldn't ignore them on your scalp either. If you touch your scalp and there is an odor on your fingers, it's time to shampoo.

Now, by all means, stretch your hairdo an extra day or two with dry shampoo. That is exactly what it was made for, however, it wasn't made as a substitute for real shampoo. After all , who doesn't love that fresh clean feeling after a thorough shampooing?

Happy washing!

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