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Trendy Hairstyles: Spring 2017

Winter is winding down and Spring is in the air. With the change in seasons we start seeing new trends popping up all over the runaways, in ads, and on celebrities. Make some of these new style trends your own to bring some freshness to your 'do.

Micro Braids

Change up your usual hairstyle and toss in a mini plait or two for something playful and flirty for Spring.

Pin Straight Hair

Dust off those flat irons because straight hair is back. Use those micro braids we talked about to add something interesting to the look.

Baby Hairs

Yep, those annoying little hairs around the hairline that never seem to grow. Embrace them this Spring and give your up styles a romantic, undone look.

Half up Bun

Pull half of your hair back in a bun. Pile it high or wear it at the back of your head. Perfect for disguising second or third day hair.

The Wet Look

Think shiny and slick here. Embrace your natural texture by scrunching, scrunching, and scrunching or wear it sleek with lots of shine.

Low Braids

Wear them big or small, loose or tight, to the side or straight back but wear them low, low, low.

Curls, Curls, Curls

Bust out that curling wand because Goldilocks curls are back in. Curl 'em up tight ladies!

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